About the (newish) Clozemaster app for smartphones

Perhaps I missed it, but re the Clozemaster app available in the Apple Store for iphones… has it been officially launched or is it some sort of a test?

I’ve always figured that Clozemaster is one thing that works better on laptops, for to do text entry in a hurry, there’s nothing like a full keyboard.

I use the smartphone app when I’m on the road and don’t have the laptop with me… and it seems to work best for those language pairings I don’t know well, and for which I use multiple choice.

But for my main pairings, I’ll be staying with the laptop version.

Any comments?


I’m living in Chile (I’ve been told that learning Spanish here is like learning English in the Hebrides), I just started using Clozemaster and I’m working on listening. How do I get more voices “on my device” (like I seem to have on my laptop), and can I randomize them in the iPhone app?