Wrong review due date on reset to 0% mastered

The Reset confirmation dialog shows the wrong review due date; it seems to show the date for 100% mastered:


I think it’s only a display glitch, as the review due date seems to be set according to my setting for 0%, but it is confusing anyhow.


Well spotted! Glad to hear it’s still setting it properly anyway, that’s the main thing!

I’ve only started noticing these “Next review due date” lines recently, and they are very helpful, I’m really appreciating them, but I was wondering if anyone would know what the date is that it shows for the “100% mastered” ones. I take it that corresponds to the next “normal” review date (thus, what would happen if you were to press “2”)?

I was kind of hoping, for greater personal insight into the workings of the different “increasing interval”/“always 100% mastered interval” settings, if it would be possible to (toggle) the different dates under the “hard”, “normal”, and “easy” buttons?

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