Would you like to be able to add images to sentences?

And if so - how would you like it to work? :slight_smile:

We’re considering adding a feature where you could select an image to associate with a sentence. This feature has been brought up most recently by @aonphleacs and @Floria7 here and here.

@aonphleacs mentioned

It would be very neat if after submitting an answer on a sentence you were given the choice to link an image to that word (through URL or image search) or to the sentence. This image should show up after completing any sentence with the word in it but also could be available as a hint if you have the translations hidden.

So - would you find a feature like this useful?

  • Yes - definitely!
  • Eh maybe / not sure
  • Nope

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And if so - any thoughts on how it should work? If not - is there another feature you’d like to see added/improved instead?

Thanks for any and all feedback!

This was just a thought on my part, and I certainly wouldn’t want to upset the balance or rhythm of the current excellent system. Hence my “not sure” vote.

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image [ photo icon here ] :arrow_left: :arrow_left: :arrow_left:

Next to the edit button, there could be a button to upload the image. When clicking this button, a popup/modal appears, that allows the user 3 options:

  1. Upload image from device;
  2. Upload image from url;
  3. Upload image from a third party :asterisk:, such as Pixabay.

This modal would also show the selected image, as well as previous images that the user might have uploaded for this sentence. In other words, a simple image gallery, with basic options, such as delete image, reorder them perhaps.

It may, however, be desirable to start with a more simple approach, allowing only one image per sentence, and see what is the users’ feedback first.

There could be buttons to add image all across the board, meaning, when searching sentences, when managing them inside the cloze-collection, etc.

Alternatively, the edit button could be used to do all the things I just described. I’m fine with that approach as well. Actually, this approach would save everybody a little bit of space in the user interface, since the edit button is already present pretty much everywhere one would want to upload an image.

A few things also worth considering:

  • The loading time. Should there be restrictions on file size? Should images be automatically downgraded to an extent, in order to make the experience smoother?
  • In the case of mobile apps, should those images be stored on the users’ phones?

:asterisk: This is something a little bit more out of the box. Basically, it would search a image bank and display results without the user leaving the app. The user would then pick the image they want, write other search terms, etc.

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Thanks for input @punk! How/when would you like to see an image once added to a sentence? Before or after answering? Or toggle-able?

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I certainly don’t want to take away from others who would use this ability, but I use clozemaster to see how the words of a sentence fit together in context. I don’t use it to learn vocab. TBH Anki is better for that. I do attach images to flash cards there. Clozemaster’s strength is syntax.


Having images isn’t a bad idea, but I would only use a feature like that if it was effortless (on/off), not if I had to add them myself. Like @jamesp999, I’m here for the sentences, not the individual words.

It would be good to be able to change your answer to a poll, which doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment.

@jamesp999 Thanks for talking about “sentence construction” which is exactly what I love about ClozeM. With more thought and the chance of a revote, I would say No, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

I’m mostly here for the words, using the right forms and conjugations. Beyond even the most basic vocabulary, I would be at a loss trying to find pictures to associate with clozes. I have enough trouble memorizing Japanese kanji.


I like the idea of it being toggle-able, working as a visual hint when needed.

In regards to always seeing the image before/after answering, I think to do that, it would be preferable to have a game mode to handle sentences with images. This would ensure that the workflow stays consistent. Mixing sentences that automatically show an image (before/after) and sentences that don’t show any image, might result in a confusing user experience.

I don’t have a preference whether it should show before or after answering, only with some testing I would be able to give feedback on this.