Why do I have this tooltip?

It ruins everything

You have it because you haven’t turned it off.


Not everything in Clozemaster is customisable through the options… but a lot, and an increasing amount, is.


Hi, there. I saw many times you helped people navigate CM. It is admirable you take your time explaining. I hope you may know the answer to my question and appreciate in advance if you clarify this matter for me if you would. I know there is a way to put 500 new words a day in a whole loop through 8/16/24/32 points in one day, I saw by the metrics of the person do it day after day. I would ask him but he is not a pro so he can read but not participate in the forum as I understand it. In a couple of days I will start my 4000 collection. I would love to have to continue with the game in an orderly fashion like that but with the smaller batch, say 300 new a day, but they have to be in this loop from the beginning to the end points as above. I understand it is a matter of the review setting, unless that person does 25/50/75/100 in one day for 4 different sets on word batches. Do I make sense? I finally cleared my terrible review backlog and have zero reviews left every day - no more that mess. That looping fashion for a defined number of new words a day makes sense to me and might have a simple explanation. Never been a computer person shows, right?


So clear, so kind. You’re always so helpful.

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Might be a stupid question, but what language is the hint in? Just curious for my own knowledge lol

I’ve had to have a think about this; it may be a Mike question, but I think there are actually two different questions here.

Can you do 8/16/24/32 points in a single day? As far as I can tell, the answer is no. Or if there is a way, I don’t see it. The minimum time span that you can set for a review is 1 day. Even when I add questions to my custom collections, they won’t come up for review until the following day. There seems to be no way to change the review date of a question (which I think is a good thing), so the minimum number of days that it would take to get to 32 points would be 4.

(I could be wrong about that, but I can’t see how.)

HOWEVER, a second question is “is it possible to go from 0% mastered to 100% in a single day”? I thought the answer was “yes”, but by just playing them, not reviewing them. You would not have received 8/16/24/32 points, but rather 8/8/12/16 since after the first time you looped through the questions you would be playing them “ahead of time” in terms of their review date. If you play a question before the review date ticks over, you get only half the points. To do that, you’d therefore need to not care about the points and just want the repetition.

I could have sworn that I did that in the past with a collection that focused on a particularly irregular verb that I was having trouble memorising the conjugations of. (Yes, “venire”, I’m looking at you.)

However either I mis-remembered that, or something has changed since then because you can’t do that now either. I just reset one of my smaller collections, then played it through to get everything to 8 points. The questions should be due for review tomorrow given my current settings.

Then I went to re-play the collection and… I got a message that there were no more sentences to play. Bonus fun fact… one of the sentences in the collections was also in my Favourites. When I opened up the Favourites panel I saw that there was one sentence in that collection. I went to play it and… there’s our crying animated little friend saying " No more sentences to play!

Check back later as sentences become ready for review. "

(Don’t cry little Pikachu, it’s Clozemaster. There are ALWAYS sentences to play. Vast oceans of them! Just not in that specific collection is all.)

Obviously you can keep resetting the collection if you want to repeat it multiple times on the same day, but that will only get you to 25% mastered / 8 points after the last time you do it that day.

So in a nutshell, I would say that you can’t get to 32 points in 1 day nor can you get to 100% mastered in one day… but that it’s always possible that I’m wrong about that. You could however be right; they could be running 4 sets of collections if they want to keep on a constant review cycle. Would they, though… mmmmaaayyybe if they had a set in a text file that they could upload, though I’ve yet to try that. The file would probably need to be hand crafted since I think the only place that you can export from is Favourites, so it’s not like you could take a collection, export it and then re-import it multiple times. Creating a collection of any size is not a trivial operation. It’s a lot easier now than it once was with all of the improvements that the devs have made over the last few months, but it’s still not something to do casually. To create four copies of a collection would be harder, but certainly possible.

Other than that… I don’t see how it can be done.


Some enigma, eh? Thank you for taking your time looking into this, but mathematically it is definitely there. It just intrigues me how it is done because it might be what I would like to try, but definitely not 500, I can judge by the amount of time spent on it. Someone out there might have a good time reading this. If I might bother you with what I see : 500 x 8=4000, 500x16=8000, 500x24=12000, 500x32=16000. Total 40000 (well, account for wrong answers, less, or some little extra played, but in that ballpark) that corresponds to 500 new, 1500 reviews, total played and text inputs 2000. Unless it some weird coincidence, the loop is there , or I am getting loopy (ha-ha). No, just curious . You might be right about Mike on that. Thanks again.

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My guess would be Romanian, but I’m neither a Romanian speaker, nor learner, so I could be way off, but that’s what it looks like to me.

Are these private collections? Or from another base language? I can see very few collections for Italian from English (about 13 of them), and venire is definitely not one of them. I would definitely like some collections for the irregular verbs, where I know which form corresponds to which person (formal/informal) and tense, rather than trying to divine these things from the sentences played.

No, that’s not one of mine. It’s a strange one, that one. I have 48 collections at the moment, 47 of which are mine, but they need a little housekeeping. The only one that isn’t mine is the Venire collection. I also see 13 publicly shared ones, but that one isn’t among them. It was in my list of collections when I started at CM, but I didn’t put it there. I didn’t even know what a personal collection WAS back then, and for a while I was wary of using it because I didn’t want to screw up someone else’s work. (Though I now realise that that won’t happen thanks to Mike.)

It was created by a player named alukasiak who appears to have been dormant for at least the last three months (there is no recent history) and stranger still has a score of only 4 in Italian with only one sentence played. Presumably, he or she didn’t even play their own collection but just bequeathed it to others:

(And may have pulled it if it’s not in the shared collections now. If so it presumably isn’t taken out of the collections list of anyone who is using it. I don’t want to delete it to see whether it shows up in the list of shared collections again in case I can’t get it back.)

I haven’t (yet) focused on individual verbs so much as themes, although that said the “doing and pretending” one that you can see in the screenshot above (for example) mostly concentrates on the two verbs “Fare” and “Fingere”. I’m adding in commentary about the verb forms in the notes in a lot of them, especially with my old nemesis the Passato Remoto. With only 25 questions I obviously haven’t completed those collections yet, especially the dreaded congiuntivo.

I haven’t released any to share yet because before I do I’m going to go over each question with a retired Italian teacher that I get Skype lessons from. That’s in part because I’ve trended away from using built in sentences and have started constructing my own to get the range of conjugations /variations that I want. And for that reason I want them checked by a professional. I’m good (with a lot of thanks to CM), but I’m not THAT good yet and I’m not going to risk throwing off someone’s learning by putting unchecked questions out there.

Ah interesting, thanks for letting me know, and while it’s a mystery and I’m generally one for trying to work those out, I am indeed completely agreed that you should definitely not risk removing it in this case!

Wow, that’s amazing! When did you get started on making your custom collections? It seems they’re so beautifully curated, they must be a joy to play and make. And I can completely understand wanting to have them verified before releasing them in the wild!

Also how long have you been learning in general, and how many Skype lessons do you do?

It’s so great to see so many passionate learners here, and I’m so glad to have stumbled upon Clozemaster, it’s the only thing I’m recommending to friends at the moment.

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