Where did the "Offline" button go?

After reinstalling the app on my Android phone, I no longer see the “Offline” button (which looked roughly like a cutout of a hard drive) in the upper right-hand corner. This meant that I was unable to switch to offline mode when I left my house, and its wifi. Then, when I tried to play when I was away from the house, it got stuck in “Loading…” mode because it assumed I still wanted to play in online mode, even though I had no data connection.

Has the button simply moved? Or was it removed?

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It was removed - thanks for letting us know it was of use! We’ll work on fixing the “Loading…” getting stuck first, and then we should be able to get an offline mode toggle added back as well.


The offline button has been added back! Top left of the latest versions of both Android and iOS.


I’m very glad to have it back. It works fine for me.