Where are the hard normal and easy buttons?


I cannot find hard normal and easy buttons after answering already mastered cloze. See the picture below. I set up my mastered interval to 90 days and chose the ever increasing interval option and after answering already mastered cloze it still shows another 90 days on the picture. Where I can enable these buttons to increase or decrease the interval?


Thanks for the post! They don’t exist in the mobile app. The best alternative is to tap the button with the clock icon and increment/decrement the next review interval there.

New design work in progress to have Hard/Normal/Easy always available.

Feedback always welcome!

Thanks for the info. I will look forward to have it on the cellphone.

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Any broad sense when this change might become available in the iOS app?

I ask because without the increasing interval, I know my current study plan will be unsustainable.

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Broadly: 3-6 months if all goes well, longer if not. If you tap the button with a clock icon after answering, you can use the up/down arrow buttons to achieve the same effect in the existing version.

I’m sorry to see, you already said you would launch it for the app more than two years ago … Buttons for mastered sentences on app

Right, we did, they’re the up/down arrows I mentioned. Same effect, different labels. The current design is only just ok, changing it to explicit Hard/Default/Easy design mentioned above will hopefully make it clearer. Do you have something else in mind?


Thanks for the answer. Sadly the narrows on the app are not working the same way as the Hard/Default/Easy buttons on the site. On the site it’s working correctly, but if I take your example above for the app, the next review won’t be in 20 days, it will be in 10+20 days …

If the buttons are working on the iPhone as they do on Android, I can understand your difficulties. I’ve found it very hard to find the right combination of doubling and halving the interval to arrive even near my desired target.

Oh, and how did you do please ? :slight_smile:

I’ve forgotten. :wink: Maybe by halving the interval a couple of times first, then doubling that. :slight_smile:

Oh okay, I’m doing the same, Im doubling, halving, doubling and halving again, to have ALMOST what I want :joy: nightmarish for each word !

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@morbrorper @SnowyFog601 thanks for all this, helpful to know as we work to design and implement updates to this feature.

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