When on the Pikachu page

When you reach the Pikachu ‘No more sentences to play!’ page, it would be helpful if pressing ‘Enter’ redirected you to the Dashboard instead of simply reloading the page (on Windows PC).


It would be even more useful if the Pikachu page were to be consigned to a digital dumpster fire. I hate seeing that thing. If there are no sentences to play/review, there just shouldn’t be an enabled button, rather than one which directs us to a page which effectively says “Hey, you just wasted your time clicking that!”

For example in the 500 Most Common I have none to play because I’ve “mastered” them all (in theory, at least), but I DO have some to review. If I hit the [Play] button on the main page, bang, annoying crying Pikachu. Instead I have to go uuuup to the Ready for Review button, then find the collection, then hit the Review button. Sooo… wouldn’t it be more convenient for the main page to have both Play and Review buttons with one, both or neither active depending on what the status of that collection is?

That way, we never have to see {teeth grind, teeth grind…} Pikachu again. (Actually that’s not completely true, because sometimes we have a Review button that is active at the end of a review session despite there being nothing left to review. But at least it would cut down on the Pikachu body count.)