What's a good resource for learning Icelandic grammar?

The sentences here work okay for vocab development, especially since I understand a bit of Swedish and there are a fair few cognates but I really want to delve in to the grammar. What are your favorite sites or resources to learn Icelandic grammar?

Try Alaric Hall for starters.



Thanks! This seems like a good starting point.

Icelandic: An Essential Grammar - Daisy L. Neijmann ISBN 978-1138843332
Routledge publishes an excellent series of grammars. While I haven’t bought the Icelandic one yet, I really like the ones I have (especially the Danish comprehensive one). Also check out this title: Icelandic: Grammar, Texts, Glossary - Stefán Einarson ISBN 978-0801863578
The former is available as a Kindle book.