What other methods are you using to learn Bulgarian?


I’m using Clozemaster to practice simple vocabulary in context. Will 6 months of daily practice improve my reading and speaking? We shall see, I guess.

ClozeM has certainly improved my listening and learning generally, and it’s given me more confidence with speaking, although mostly to myself at the moment. Next year, perhaps I’ll be on that aeroplano to Italy. Happy learning!

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I’d say absolutely. Just make sure you have resonable goals for yourself, and just make progress a day at a time.

I’m currently doing German and Spanish pretty intensively it has definitely helped, just since September.

6 months ~ 180 days, 30 cloze a day = 5400 words. I’d argue it’d take 15 minutes to do 30 words a day. Just remember to practice speaking and listening as well. Cloze is wonderful, but the more exposure to the language, the better :slight_smile:

It’s pretty addicting and fun honestly.

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Yes, hopefully next year we can all travel again. My son is learning Italian, he speaks once a week with someone in Italy, found her on a language exchange app. He’s also reading Harry Potter in Italian. I’ve started Harry Potter in Bulgarian (reading on Lingq so I can quickly look up phrases and words), lots of unknown words, but apparently this type of “narrow reading” is quite helpful–narrow in the sense that it’s the same author, and she’ll use many phrases over and over again.

Thanks–15 minutes a day is totally doable, and yeah it’s a fun distraction. I find that I have to be careful not to try to go quickly, but to repeat around each phrase.

Ciao Plovdiv. A fun book your son may enjoy is “Read and Think Italian” (Mcgraw Hill). It really drags students away from translating everything into English and does a great job in making us think in Italian. It’s very easy to dip into for occasional interesting articles about Italy, everything from coffee to Pavarotti. Good luck with your Bulgarian, and Italian!

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