What does "always increasing next review interval" mean?

In Review setting, what does “always increasing next review interval” actually mean?


By how much is the interval actually increased?

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There was a long discussion a couple of years ago when this was introduced, that led to the current three choices available.

For the “always increasing next review interval” option, I understand that it uses a SM2 algorithm with an easiness factor of 2.5.

There. That should have cleared that up then :joy:

I’m not familiar with the algorithm, so the easiest thing might be to read the old thread starting at @mike’s comment here -


I found this explanation on github:

SM-2 is a simple spaced repetition algorithm. It calculates the number of days to wait before reviewing a piece of information based on how easily the information was remembered today.


Many thanks for the link, @zzcguns.

I can see the debate, but what were the final decisions, @mike?

By how much do the intervals “always increase”?

You can see the results of the final decisions from the interface under “Review Settings”:

However, this doesn’t answer your question about the amount by which the intervals “always increase”. Hopefully @mike can address that.

I think I read somewhere that the interval always doubles, but I don’t remember where and I’m not so sure now. Anyway, I’m counting on that, because I’m using that option right now lol.