Vuelve a casa.

English Translation

Come back home.

Dear everyone, since this is a command, why wouldn’t it be ‘vuelva a casa?’

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vuelve is the 2nd person imperative sing. conjugation of volver

vuelva 3rd person sing.

So this is correct as the person being addressed to is "tu’ " (can’t find right ascii code for accent, ready to leave work now)


Thank you, @SpringPaper . I really need to level up my grammar, even in English!

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I hear you, cityotter! Spanish grammar is NOT easy. I always check my Ella Verbs app (which I did here). They only have it on mobile devices and that’s just fine with me. Quick look-ups on there really help me. Slowly but surely I’m learning more and more of the conjugations. When I have the infinitive form memorized I put it in ‘My Verbs’ so I can check the conjugations quickly.

Now an app like Ella Verbs is great for looking up verb conjugations but how it “really” sticks in memory is seeing it “in action” in a sentence… Clozemaster does that, for me, like no other program. Mass input and repetition. No better way to learn, imo.

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