Vivo da mio zio

How interesting. I moved this sentence to 75%, then when it was ready to move it to 100%, I noticed this strange formation. Perché non ‘vivo con mio zio’? Would both of them be correct? Is ‘da’ more correct than ‘con’ here? And most importantly, what other things can you do with someone that would require ‘da’ in italiano?

sets sentence back to 25%

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You will find all your answers in Treccani. Put “da” in the search. Read in Italian or English all the explanations. It is a lot there but you will find even your “at my uncle’s” example. Do the same with “con”. Hopefully we will have Treccani as a reference source in our Italian course very soon.


“Da” can be used much like “chez” in French - “at the place of”/“at the house of”

Vado dal dentista – Vado da mio zio – Andiamo da Antonio…etc…