Upload error due to an apostrophe

I downloaded Indonesian-English sentence pairs from Tatoeba and tried to import some of them to my personal collection on Clozemaster. However, an unexpected error message popped up:

“Oh no! There was an error processing the text - sorry about that. Please try again and let us know if you see this message again.”

It turned out that one of the 30 sentence pairs contained an apostrophe in the English translation, which caused the uploading error. → Link to the sentence source on Tatoeba

I don’t want to hear you complain!

The apostrophe seemed to be okay. But it isn’t actually an apostrophe but %E2%80%99. I found it by copying and pasting the apostrophe-ish character on an ASCII code online converter.

It’s super hard for an ordinary human being to detect such an encoding error. And the error message isn’t helpful for debug. Could you display the reason of the upload processing error? Or, could you process the rest of the sentence pairs with no error properly, and then return the error only to the problematic one? It took a while to detect which one of the 30 sentence pairs caused the error.

Work in progress! Thanks for the bug report.

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