Updated: Alternative answer provided without having added one?

So for some reason I massively derped with this sentence, where for some reason my brain wanted to enter “stamattina” (even though that’s clearly wrong), so I had typed “s” and it became green, but naturally it wasn’t “stamattina”, and so I was completely thrown. I couldn’t think of what it could be except “mattino”, but that doesn’t start with “s”, so I just accepted having to be incorrect, and then it turned out it was “mattino” after all…

So after discovering that, I tried again, and could get to “sar” being marked green and everything else wrong (also “sat”, so it wasn’t just the “mattino” and somehow accepting it to start with “s” too - I couldn’t easily work out what it wanted after “sar” though), while entering any of the letters in “mattino” also became green at the same time.

I haven’t seen this behaviour before, where two different sets of letters will both turn up green, but then I wouldn’t normally try many different ones, just 3-4 max perhaps for words with lots of synonyms and then often it can be a bit of a search for endings like “la”, “lo”, etc. if it isn’t obvious from the rest of the sentence.

Apologies if this is the incorrect place to post it, and please let me know where else it would best go instead.

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Something like this could happen if you had an alternative answer beginning with “sar”. I can’t imagine what that word would be, if that were the case.

I’ve never entered any alternative answers though, I wasn’t even aware you could. But could it be accessing someone else’s alternative answer then? It’s just in the normal FFT though, so surely that’s not likely?

And indeed, have absolutely no idea what alternative answer it could be looking for that starts with “sar”, I was completely stumped by it having made the “s” green to start with.

Interesting, I went to find the sentence in the FFT collection, and there was indeed an alternative answer set, thank you! Though I don’t understand why, I’ve never set anything.

Though at least I think it’s solved the mystery of what the alternative cloze word would have been… “Sar…ò” + the rest of the sentence?

Does anyone else also have this alternative answer set for this sentence?

It doesn’t seem a kind of sentence you could just add accidentally, and to be honest I don’t even quite get the alternative answer. I would never even use “in mattinata” myself.

However, it’s good to know about this alternative answer feature I guess, though I’m nowhere near being of any kind of level of proficiency that I would actually ever have any confidence in any alternative answers I might come up with, unless I could run them by someone more knowledgeable.

I sometimes add alternative answers for known synomyms, such as “ovunque/dovunque”, “tra/fra”, “perfino/persino” (examples in Italian). As I have previously requested, it would be great if they could be displayed after answering. If playing multiple choice, it would nice if they were presented as eligible options.