Un horrendo grito en medio de la noche acojonó a Javier.

is this word typical?

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My dictionary says it’s used mainly in Spain and it’s considered ‘malsonante’ or rude. So, from what I know of Spain, I’m guessing it’s pretty common there, at least. :laughing:

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No I don’t think it’s common. That’s the first time I’ve read it, but it reads like ‘scared the s@#$ out of’ in English. I’d use asustar or atemorizar I think.


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Yes, It is.
( and I say that a lot.:joy:)

Yes, “asustar” is the most used one. But I would say (at least where I live) that “acojonar” is used more than “atemorizar.” Probably in books you will see more “atemorizar.”