Turning off reviews doesn't work

Playing on the web, in the “Review settings” I’ve set “Max reviews per round when playing new sentences” to “0” (zero).

However when I play “sentences from all these collections selected randomly” from the “Most Common Words” collections, with skill set to “Vocabulary” and mode set to “Text Input”, it still presents old cards for review.

Not many, perhaps 1-3 per 20 sentences. But I want to only every play new cards (after I’ve got them correct at least once that is).

Is this is a bug or a feature? It’s confusing, because I though setting max reviews per round to zero should set the number of review when playing new sentences to zero.

Thanks for your help!

What browser on what OS are you using? For me it works exactly as it should.

If you got “old” sentences wrong though when reviewing them, before starting your playing round, they might show up for “review” again today (default setting for 0% mastered is 0 days), regardless of the “Max reviews per round = 0”? I’ll check that anyway to see what it turns up.

I’m on Safari version 14.1.2, running on macOS version 11.5.2.

I’ve had issues with Safari before, but generally problems with logging in to websites. I assumed the sentences being chosen was a backend thing, rather than a browser thing.

These sentences that show up go from 25% complete to 50% complete, so they are not ones on 0% (which I would both expect and want to show put).

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Very odd. I’ve tried to reproduce earlier in Chrome on Mac, and didn’t succeed, not even if intentionally getting ones wrong before playing, during the “normal” reviews.

Are you playing rounds of a fixed number of sentences or infinite ones? I was playing endless rounds, but stopped after not having had a single review (and I have a few thousand outstanding, so that’s not the issue) after having played 50 new words from the “Random playing” of all Most Common Words collections.

Mostly fixed, 20 sentences per round, but I also noticed it in Infinite.

Thank you for trying to reproduce the issue, it’s a strange one. If I notice anything else that could be useful I’ll report back.


Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the trouble!

Looks like this is indeed a bug :bug: but should only affect playing via that option. We should have a fix up within the next few days.

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Thanks for letting us know Mike. Good to hear it’s getting fixed :slight_smile:

I was about to suggest another possible cause, which is that I’ve covered about 20% of the Fluency Fast Track sentences (again only once each), and was wondering if it any of them were somehow in the Most Common Words collections, causing the seeming reviews. But it sounds like you are aware of whatever the cause is, and on the case getting a fix out already.


A fix is up! Please let us know if you’re still seeing unexpected review sentences or you notice any other issues. Thanks again!

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Thank you Mike!

I just did 100 new sentences, some rounds with a fixed number and some with an infinite number, and didn’t get any erroneous reviews. So it seems like it’s sorted. Thanks!

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