Turn off letters turning green as I'm typing?

I really want to turn off the feature that colors my letters green to indicate when I’m starting to type the correct answer. How in the world do I do that?
I feel like I’ve clicked on every setting I could find and I couldn’t find the answer by searching online. Please help. :grin:

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Aaand I found it. The settings inside of a particular review/learning round, on the bottom right.


Well done! Discovery is all part of the ClozeM experience. Love this site!

Happy learning!

I always find it nonintuitive that you have to start playing a round in order to modify the settings, since these settings don’t pertain to a specific round, or a specific sentence. Glad that didn’t stop you from finding them, but I still hope there’s a way to make this more intuitive in the future.


While in general I agree that it would be helpful to be able to modify these settings while you’re not inside a round too, I personally do like that you are able to adjust them for certain specific rounds only.

E.g. while learning Italian, due to the many different types of synonyms of words, and even different options depending on the pronoun (especially where this can’t be inferred from neither the translation, nor the rest of the sentence), I find some of these hints (green colour, text box length) very useful, especially in the early stages of learning new clozes.
However, if you want to practice the ‘di’ versus ‘da’ collection, you definitely don’t want to have either of these (green text, text box length) enabled, since otherwise you’ll always just get it correct with minimal effort from the hints alone and thus not really learn anything.

As such I guess it would be great to be able to set these preferences universally from outside of a round, and then still allow to adjust them from within a round, or perhaps per collection might be even nicer if at all feasible.