True review interval is not shown right away when fuzz is enabled

When I favorite a sentence after I answered it correctly (in multiple choice mode), the act of favoriting changes the review interval (seemingly arbitrarily).

How to reproduce the error:

I had a sentence with 75%. I answered it correctly and it changed to 100%, and with the default settings would be shown again in 180 days. Then I favorited the sentence. (I tried this with multiple sentences that were all at 75%.)

  • For one sentence, the interval was changed from 180 days to 174 days.
  • For a second sentence, it was changed from 180 days to 176 days.
  • For a third sentence, it was changed from 180 days to 181 days.

This seems to be the effect of the “fuzz factor” being applied.

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Indeed. I have that enabled. My bad! Thanks for the insight. :slightly_smiling_face:

But still: Despite having Fuzz activated, the review interval is always first shown (wrongly) as 180 days and first needs some sort of “refresh” (for example, by favoriting) to finally show the true interval.

Could the true interval be shown right away?

Admittedly, it’s not a big deal and I don’t really care about it anymore, now that I know the root cause. But it still counts as bug, does it not?

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