Translation entry pages

Clicking a word after answering brings up a popover with some useful links and a Google machine translation. While that’s a good start, we thought more would be helpful.

We’ve been working on adding translation entry pages, starting with Spanish, French, and Italian, for example Comer | Spanish to English Translation - Clozemaster.

These pages include Wiktionary translations, example sentences, and conjugation tables for verbs. We’re also considering trying to add Forvo pronunciation recordings and images when possible, but wanted to get your feedback.

What do you think of these pages? What else would be helpful? Would you like to see something more or different?

Thanks for any feedback! Any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome as always.


This is a really nice idea!

Of some concern to me is that there are a number of pronunciation errors on the Clozemaster Italian learning database. These have been flagged, but appears that they are not being fixed. Linking to Forvo for these could result in contradictory pronunciation results - causing more confusion, but also possibly clarifying what is incorrect in the database.


Wow, I absolutely love this Spanish “comer” example, with the Wiktionary entry, the example sentences (with nice little shortcuts to add them to collections) and their translations and the conjugation tables!

This is basically my standard learning routine for anything I encounter in Clozemaster neatly wrapped up in one:

  • Check the Wiktionary page for any pronunciation guidance (in this case: /koˈmeɾ/, [koˈmeɾ])
  • Check for any other sentences using the same cloze word on Tatoeba (to see other usages)
  • Check the conjugation tables when dealing with verbs, to understand which tense/person is being used (and hopefully correctly deduce why) - for example “essere”

For Italian specifically, the only missing thing for me is that I sometimes head on over to the dictionary on


I hadn’t really noticed the “Translation entry” option until now; it looks great!

I have one issue, though: the audio for French is pronounced in Spanish :wink:


Thanks for letting us know! The audio should now be fixed.


I just saw this page
I love it ! simple and convenient
Maybe we can add a small images database to complete this page ?