Toma el que quieras de cualquiera de estos.

Why is this “cualquiera” and not “cualquier”, when it is “estos” and not “estas”?

Hi @cazort,
Firstly, notice that ‘el’ and ‘estos’ correspond.
Secondly (and I learned something thinking about this), ‘Cualquiera’ can be used as a pronoun or as an adjective. As an adjective it drops the final ‘a’ before nouns.

As a Pronoun

¿Puedo elegir cualquiera?

As an Adjective

En cualquier momento
De cualquier forma que se haga
Tráeme uno cualquiera


Ahh, so here it is a pronoun? I wasn’t aware of this, thanks!

English Translation

Take whichever of these you want.

I think this Spanish translation is overly complicated. “Toma el que quieras de estos” or “Toma cualquiera de estos” would be enough, IMO.

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