Todavía no sé cuál es mi dirección. Me voy a quedar donde mi amigo por un tiempo.

English Translation

I don’t know my address yet, I’m going to stay with my friend for a while.

Seriously, why wouldn’t someone say, ‘me voy a quedar con mi amigo?!’ Any help appreciated.

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Yes, you can say so.
“Me voy a quedar donde mi amigo por un tiempo” means that you will be living in his place for some time.


Just elaborating on the previous reply: if you’re a native English speaker, you know “I’m going to stay with my friend” has many meanings. It could mean staying near them (at a train station while they wait, for example), living in their home, or continuing your relationship with them.

Without additional context, “Me voy a quedar donde mi amigo” specifies the physical/geographical meaning of “stay with” (I’m going to stay where my friend is).

Let’s celebrate the fact that there are multiple ways of expressing the same idea in any language!


Thank you, IcyLake. Yes, many ways to say the same thing. It is good–and confusing! Thank you for your thorough clarification :slight_smile:

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