"The only thing I have now are memories"

This is quite a grammar biggie, and should read “The only thing I have now IS memories” as here we refer to “the thing” which is singular . Tried to send correction but it wouldn’t register.



I agree, not sure where you are but natives in English make this mistake all the time (including myself).

While you are correct, it unfortunately is WAY too common lol.

If I had a shock collar for every mistake I made in English I’d probably be dead. LOL


@Floria7, I think you’ll have better luck with the correction “The only things I have (left) now are (my) memories”.


Hi datsunking1. Ah! The only thing I was good at in school was English (can’t add 2 and 2 together!) so I tend to try and pass on corrections to anyone learning it. Mind you, I think blogscot has gone one better so between us I think we’ve sorted that one! Bye for now, mind that collar:-)

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@blogscot Hi, you’re right, it works far better with plural “things”.

It was one of those “must correct” moments. Thanks for an even better one.


If it’s common, it’s not a mistake. That is like correcting french because it’s not proper latin.

Classic moot point. I expect lots of passionate replies on that thread.

Nah, too busy with “Listening” exercises and sorting out like what I hears through both my ear bud! If it’s common it’s correct then and something like “He was went down the wing and put the ball in the net” is OK. What was you thinking?!

Oh my days! :wink: