The offline experience

I have been using Clozemaster offline (Android, version quite often during a holiday trip, and it has been something of a frustrating experience.

  • The “My Languages” screen does not have any streak or “Ready for Review” information, which makes it difficult to keep track of my status.
  • If the internet connection happens to come alive (even just fleetingly), the app suddenly aborts the current session and starts its loading sequence. This happens even when I have explicitly selected Offline mode.
  • There is no “Review All” option, so I have to review each collection one after another.
  • “Sync All” is still not working for me.

In addition to these issues, I have a request:

  • I would like to have a “Sync Everything” button to sync all collections in all languages in one go.

Thanks for the feedback! This is helpful, and apologies for the frustration. We’ve admittedly gone somewhat minimal on offline mode for now to get feedback from users on what would be most useful/important. We’ll continue updating/improving it with each new release. Any other feedback please let us know of course. Thanks again!