The "Num played/Num correct" rectangle blocks words for long sentences

When a sentence is long, the rectangle in the upper right-hand corner underneath the “percent mastered” display can cover part of the content.


Would it be possible to provide one or more of the following features?

(1) an option to suppress this display altogether (I personally don’t need it)
(2) make the rectangle draggable so that it can be moved away from the text it’s hiding
(3) have the rectangle fade away after a certain amount of time

Is this in the app? In the browser one needs to click an icon to see that information, which I think is a good solution. We already have so many options.


What browser are you using? It should disappear when your mouse moves off the text above it.


I’m using Firefox on both Windows and Android. I see now that on Windows, the tooltip disappears if I move the cursor off the text, and on Android, it disappears if I tap the tooltip. Thanks, @mike!

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