The Listening option and Ukraine!

Ciao a tutti i fan! In one of the several sentences that I heard clearly second time around, Ucraino was mentioned. So I’m using this subtle link to unashamedly wish England and Ukraine a great game :soccer: in Roma il sabato. Non vedo l’ora!

Così ci vediamo a Roma (nello spirito)! Ciao!


Rooting for the three lions!

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English Translation

Thus do all women.

Is do the translation for fan here? By reading the English translation only I would be hard-pressed to find a suitable word for the Italian translation because “do” word indicates literally any action.(As always, happy to be corrected)

@barcarolle “Tutti i fan” - all the fans… un tifoso or un fan - a supporter or fan of a certain football team, for example.

Sono una tifosa degli Azzurri!

It should be an abbreviation for “fanno” (3rd person plural (=all women) of ‘fare’), so indeed for “do”.

I assume this was supposed to be a sentence discussion for the sentence “Così fan tutte.”?

This raises an issue I had previously observed too, but which I hadn’t reported, because I assumed it had been fixed in the interim; namely the issue of short titles (short sentences) randomly resurrecting/linking to completely unrelated discussions, even though this sentence is 15 characters, but that does have to include the final full stop too.

I had kind of hoped this would have fixed that:

Since, after having seen that discussion, I was curious what would happen if trying to start a sentence discussion for a short sentence, I had pressed the “Discuss sentence” button on one of those short “Eccovi!” type sentences, and it randomly ended up taking me to this discussion instead.

I believe that is what might have happened here too with @barcarolle’s sentence discussion? Though it’s an amazing coincidence that the discussion here does contain a different type of “fan” too…

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Ah, excuse the crossed wires. I thought barcarolle was asking about my “fan” comment. Così fan tutte is a totally different animal (thanks to Mozart)… “So do they all”.

Ciao… :wink:

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Without the “sentence translation” in the post (and likely if I hadn’t come across such a similar strange linking recently either), I would have been quite lost too :wink:


Sindaco! Just bravo! You killed 2 birds with 1 post: you got my “fan” problem which is derived form “fanno” (thank you) and pointed out that 15 characters requirement that made my post without any reference! It does look ridiculous. Even I would not remember the original sentence in a couple of days. Wow!

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