The "ignore" button efficacy

I wanted to ask a long time ago about the “ignore” button. What is the best way to make it work? Some sentences keep showing up even if I 100 percent them from the very first time, then “ignored” one, two, then lost count how many times I “ignored” them , they still show up ad nauseam. When going through the bunch of new sentences ( btw, they are not all really new ) this is especially annoying . Who can tell me the magic number of times to push that button? Or maybe some workaround ? ( I feel it hinders my progress). Thanks in advance .

I confess that I don’t ignore too many sentences, but when I have done so they’ve always stayed ignored.

Could I just ask you whether you play sentences from multiple collections?

I only ask, as that could account for you seeing the same sentence multiple times even if you had ignored it. As you may know, anything that you do to a sentence (edits, ignoring, completion %age) in a collection is only valid for that sentence in that specific collection.

For example, a quick check on a randomly selected sentence in Italian - Potrebbero non esserci soluzioni a questo problema - shows that it is a sentence in 5 different collections (Fluency Fast Track; 20,000 Most Common; Subjunctive, Indicative, and Imperative; Conditional; All Verbs).

For any given collection that you are studying, you can click the Manage Sentences icon, select “Ignore sentences” from the Search pull down menu, and then search to see what you’ve ignored in that collection.

If this isn’t what you are seeing, then I’m afraid that I wouldn’t know what the problem might be.


That’s a good point. There’s another possibility too; in compiling some of my personal collections I’ve looked for verbs (in Italian) using wild cards. What I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of sentences which are word for word identical except for the conjugation of the verb (for example). In playing I therefore sometimes come across sentences that I could have SWORN that I had encountered not so long ago, but when I dug into the collection I saw that it was actually just a different conjugation; singular informal you vs plural you, for example.

One way to check for this is to go to the button to manage the collection being played, and do a wildcard search for the question. All of the sentences that match the search pattern should appear, including the ones that have previously been ignored. You can then bulk ignore all of the search results in one hit. (Being aware that it will affect both sentences played and sentences mastered.)


Thank you both for your answers! When checking one particular sentence I did notice some slight variations on it. In fact, it was 6 variations of it in one collection only. Playing different collections, I definitely multiplied that problem. Ok. Looks like the “bulk” ignoring in each collection is the only way. I can always count on my “fellow Italians”, thanks again!