Terminamos hasta aquí por hoy.

“Let’s call it a day today.”

Shouldn’t this use the imperative “Terminemos”?

Not needed unless it’s an order. Terminamos hasta aquí por hoy is a statement. Is

an statement? If it isn’t that might be the confusion.

Maybe not an order, but a suggestion, and they usually use the imperative: “Dejémoslo por hoy.”

In the English sentence it’s an order or suggestion, right? But in the Spanish one is a statement if we use Terminemos then an order or suggestion. Report the sentence to the Clozemaster team to change the Spanish sentence or change the English one so it agrees w the Spanish sentence.
My question, can ‘‘Let’s call it a day today’’ be a statement? My guess is it cannot but I’m not sure.

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I would say no: they haven’t stopped working yet.

I wanted to discuss it first. :slight_smile:

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