Ten cuidado con donde pisas cuando bajes la escalera.

English Translation

Watch your step in going down the stairs.

I think you could equally use “dónde” here.

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A good question to ask… I wasn’t 100% sure so I asked AI Lilly…

“She” answered, "The word “donde” should not have an accent mark in this sentence. In this case, it is used as a relative adverb referring to a place, so it should be written without an accent mark as ‘donde’.

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Actually it’s called “Tutor Lily”.

OK, she may well be right! Maybe without con there is a choice, though; see the discussion regarding this sentence: Tenga cuidado donde clava el alfiler.

Sorry. I’m a bit confused with her answer…

When I typed out the sentence, it said “Perfect sentence!”

Then it comments about it…

En realidad, en esa frase especifica, debes usar “donde” en lugar de “donde”.

^ The first ‘donde’ has an accent mark, the 2nd does not.

Sorry for the confusion…

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