Suggestion: Sort review items by urgency

I’m currently trying to make the best out of a large review backlog (some 3500 sentences) consisting of thousands of overdue recurring items plus a few not yet mastered ones.

My desire is that the sort order should reflect my choice of 0 - 100%, HARD, NORMAL and EASY for each cloze, so that those clozes that I once deemed more difficult should be prioritized over the perceived easier ones, even after waiting in the queue long after the due date. Unfortunately, none of the available sort order options seem to fit the bill.

I think this sort order could fairly simply be implemented by calculating the urgency of each cloze and sort on that number. The definition of “urgency” is the number of days between date-last seen and due-date, with a lower number expressing a higher degree of urgency.

Sorting on urgency would subsume sorting on percent mastered, and would prioritize the “harder” clozes, relegating the “easier” ones to “later, when I get the time”. It would work even for users that haven’t enabled the HARD, NORMAL and EASY buttons.

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