Suggestion: Show Cloze's Birthday/Age

I thought of a new idea today:

Every Cloze should show its birth date. By that, I mean, every Cloze should show the date of the first time you encountered it.

Why? I like to mark Clozes down, or ‘send them back’ to an earlier percent if I don’t know them. Sometimes I’ll send a 75% back to a 25%. Or even back to a 0% if I blank on it completely. This would lengthen a Cloze’s ‘lifespan’, so to speak.

It would be cool to see the age of every Cloze: How long it has taken you so far to complete. This would help us guage which Clozes we are struggling with - those stubborn sentences that cause us recurring issues. The ones I send back to an earlier percent.

Currently, there is no way to distinguish this in the app other than using your brain to remember which clozes you’ve struggled with yourself. This becomes more challenging once you add thousands of clozes. Eventually your memory will fail you, as it inevitably will during the language learning process.

Basically every close would show something like this:

Birthday: Nov 3, 2022
Age: 6 months, 23 days

In a similar manner, if a Cloze is completed, and you have it starred, when it shows up, it should show it’s ‘lifespan’ - the length of time it took for you to move it from 0% to 100%.

If you guys feel this would crowd the simplicity of the way the Cloze is displayed, you could probably find a way to show/hide this info, tuck it away in another menu, or an arrow that folds out. However, If it shows up on the screen right when you complete the Cloze, you wouldn’t have to interrupt your flow to see that information. You’ll see the date and think “wow, that was an old one”.

Most importantly, I think seeing this will help reinforce how far you’ve come. Some of us who have been using the app for a long time will have Clozes in our review that are years old. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to be able to see which Clozes are that old?

Let me know if you think this is a good idea or not.