Suggestion: don't have translation immediately displayed

This can be a further test and increase cognitive load and immersion for the user, and therefore retention, by making them remember the meaning of the target language/words, rather than just being automatically given the meaning.

Have an option to not have the translation immediately displayed.


I think they already have you covered on that one. See the Game Settings menu item below:


First time trying that out. Well, I would briefly before at times then switch back. But it makes a lot of sense. I like it! Now, when I can’t quite decipher the meaning after listening - I can further study the sentence reading it (without the English translation right below). Makes me think in the target language…

Thanks for the tip, muel2002! Welcome to the board (and Clozemaster).

In my opinion, and I’m quite sure the opinions of many / most in here…Clozemaster is the best language learning program. I’ve tried a ton, and none come close. My Spanish has leaped forward in the 4 months I’ve been here. Stick to it, muel2002, and you’ll know what I mean!


Oh my goodness, thank you. Seems my search prior to my post was pitiful.

Perhaps my suggestion should now be about making the user interface more obvious for dumb arses like me.


LOL Nah! You’re fine. I’m still discovering new features in here after 4 months. This is a very customizable program. It takes experimentation to find out what works best for you.