Suelo comer en casa con mi familia.

This doesn’t make any sense.

that’s what I thought, but it’s referring to the verb “soler” which means “to use to” but I’ve never heard anyone use it before


It is not uncommon. And very practical!


It’s the present tense of the verb, and it’s used to communicate doing something regularly or customarily. We have similar constructions in English too. For example, the verb “tend”. Like “I tend to eat at home with my family.” Here “I tend” functions like “suelo” and “comer” is like “to eat”; it’s basically the same sentence with about as literal a translation as you can get, perhaps not quite exactly the same connotation as “soler” connotes frequency or habit whereas “tend” is a bit looser and connotes more a tendency but perhaps with more openness to other possibilities. But it’s the same grammatical construction.