Suddenly Dysfunctional Italian-English Course?

I took a bit of a break this summer due to a number of pressing family issues, and upon returning decided to reset my progress in Italian From English to have a clean start for review. I had previously been about 50% through (well past the initial 500 words) and am an intermediate student.

Unfortunately on restarting I have found a HUGE number of mismatched vocals and sentences: major differences, not minor ones. I just completed a set of 30 and reported as errors at least six of them. This is definitely a Clozemaster bug, as it was not in evidence previously. I think in my entire progress previously though 50% of the word base, I reported maybe 2-3 sentences. Not 20% of each set!

What is going on?!?

Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the trouble! Might the collection be downloaded?

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No - I’ve never downloaded a collection.

For your use resolving this - all sentences have been reported but remain incorrect. They are as listed below. Note these all occurred in the first few rounds of “fluency fast track” which would be very confusing and discouraging to someone using Clozemaster as a new user. A few are simply a swap of the Formal and Informal “you” - but that matters!

Thanks for your help looking into this.

Text: Io non voglio essere via da casa
Sound: Devo andare via da casa mia.
Cloze: via

Text: Senza di Lei, io non sono niente.
Sound: Senza di te io non sono niente.
Cloze: senza

Text: Grande, vero?
Sound: Lui ha un appartamento davvero grande.
Cloze: grande

Text: Dove sei nel mondo?
Sound: In che parte del mondo sei?
Cloze: mondo

Text: Comunque chi è?
Sound: Comunque chi è Lei?
Cloze: comunque

Text: Io non sono sua madre.
Sound: Io non sono tua madre.
Cloze: madre

Text: Guarda.
Sound: Guarda là.
Cloze: guarda

Text: Non sarebbe grande?
Sound: Non sarebbe grandioso?
Cloze: sarebbe

Text: È un modo di dire
Sound: È un modo per studiare meglio.
Cloze: modo

Some of these clozes look familiar. My hypothesis is that they have been changed by the staff. You have played them before so you are seeing the old versions and hearing the new audio.

I also note that if you search for “È un modo di dire”, just to mention one case, you won’t find it in any collection; there’s another bug report somewhere about changed sentences not being searchable.

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Very interesting! So there is no way to really wipe clean and restart the cloze collection fresh as I tried to do?

I don’t want to delete the Italian collection entirely, but maybe I will need to do so and add it back in? I’m afriad that would delete all my edits and comments which were painstakingly built up over a year with the goal of helping others.

You know, morbroper…you may be right. I see my stats include ALL clozes learned to date from my (pre-reset) last go round (i.e. - “base” of some 5000 clozes) - I did a reset, so my base should now only be 100 clozes or so. In other words, a clean restart base for stats.

I am very disappointed that the “reset” button doesn’t actually let you reset the language - but makes you live with the ghost of your past performance, all old cloze structure, and prior cloze progress forever.

Thanks for posting all these - they do seem to have all been updated as per @morbrorper’s comment, though I’m not yet sure why you’d still be seeing the old versions of the sentence text. :thinking: This issue doesn’t seem to affect people playing the Fast Track for the first time.

In the meantime - the reset progress option only resets the % Mastered and next reviews, leaving notes, alternative answers, etc. in place. If you want to clear everything for the language pairing you could delete it and then start it again. That would reset everything including notes, alternative answers, etc. Comments added via the sentence discussion / forum should remain.


Thanks, Mike.

Well, shoot - I don’t want to lose all my notes and comments. Is there any way of force resetting/wiping out just these specific sentences from “behind the scenes” (and in future if more arise, the same)? While 9/240 isn’t trivial it’s not worth losing all my edits for.

Alright I think this issue should be resolved! :tada: Please let me know if you come across any more sentences where the text doesn’t match the audio.

I also think this issue is related to Some sentences are not searchable after updates by the admin and we should be able to get that fixed within the next couple days as well :+1:

Thanks again for letting us know, apologies again for the frustration, and please let us know if you notice any other issues.


Mike…you are amazing! It’s fixed. Thank you so very much.