Streak reset at 11 PM

I am in the Europe/Stockholm timezone, and after the latest switch to Daylight Savings Time I notice that my streaks reset already at 11 PM (2300 hours), not at midnight as they used to do. Although I do not care much about streaks, it is a bit annoying.

Just think of what it’s like in the Eastern NA timezone: the ‘week’ ends at 8pm on Sunday night. I guess they have to draw the line at some point in time, simultaneously across a bunch of timezones.

@Romanophile it holds true for the week reset where you are comparing to others, but for streaks it’s supposed to follow midnight at local time for each individual for the sake of consistency.

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Got it. Thanks. Romanophile

An update: I have looked closer at my settings and discovered that my timezone in the Android app was mysteriously set to Europe/Athens, which might explain the strange behavior.