Streak preserved despite not meeting goal

Just a few days ago, I failed to practice until about 11:59. I only got one question done before the clock struck midnight, naturally, so the rest was counted towards the “next day’s” goal. However, despite not meeting my goal, neither streaks were reset.

Based on the discussion in this question about streaks, it would seem it might have to do with an issue of timezones. However, it’s very curious that it definitely knows I didn’t practice on the 26th but still left my streak.

I think this happened while practicing on Android Mobile, but since the bug seems to have carried over into the web version I’m posting it in the general bug-catching forum.

I’m pleasantly surprised that my lapse didn’t result in losing my streak, but I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to count that as a feature rather than a bug. :wink:

Thanks for the bug report! I wonder if it’s possible you timed it just right where the streak counter was updated before midnight but the progress record wasn’t actually saved until after midnight. I’ll have to spend some more time looking into it. Calculating the streak from your progress records, it looks like your streak should really be 3 days, but we can let that slide for now :slight_smile:

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