Strange Finnish voices

Playing Finnish from Swedish in offline mode, I get voices that have a very strange accent.

Looking in the settings, I see entries such as “fil-ph-x-fic-local”. That does not look like it has to do with Finnish.

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With my phone, these weird names come from the Android voices and not from clozemaster itself.
You could check your phones settings (text-to-speech) and see if there are other voices avalaible. I for example use ‘Google Text-to-Speech’, which has five different voices for my selected language.


That was very helpful! I had not delved into the TTS settings before, but now I can enjoy the sweet voice of “da-DK-language” again (for Danish, obviously).

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Having installed the TTS voices for Finnish, as suggested by @Tarob, I can now choose a good Finnish voice. However, the non-Finnish voices, having a “fil-” prefix, are also listed in the dropdown, which I think is an error.

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