Spotify&Co playback is turned down

when playing Spotify or other audio apps on the Ipad 9th gen (os 17.3.1) and I start Clozemaster App, the music volume is greatly reduced as soon as I start the lessons. Sound effects and voice are off in the app. Is there a way to avoid affecting the music playback?
This problem does not occur via Safari.

That could very well be intentional, and not a bug. But this is just speculation.

After all, how would you hear the voice if it’s overshadowed by the music? If you’ve turned off the voice anyway, you could (as a workaround) simply increase the system volume while using the Clozemaster app, no?

Hi, If I want to hear the voice, I switch off the music.
Your suggestion is not a good workaraound. I would have to set the volume to max to hear the music but then when I stop Clozemaster my eardrums burst when using headphones.

I understand your request and where you’re coming from. Nonetheless, I would argue against your request, at least for myself, as I personally find both deactivating the voice and listening to music at a louder volume detrimental to the learning process. I like how Clozemaster currently lowers the volume of background music. If I listen to music while studying, that lowered volume is loud enough for me, since I want to hear the voice. That’s of course my subjective opinion and you can have a different opinion.

Mike could surely implement an option that allows the user to choose for themselves whether to lower the volume or not, thus allowing the use cases of both of us. However, I’m of the opinion that every additional distinction between cases (covering every single use case of all users) only (unnecessarily) increases the complexity of the app and thereby the number of actual bugs. As I’ve said, this is only my subjective opinion, and I respect if yours is different.

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Yes I would like to have volume control as I use Clozemaster daily at the same time I’m listening to music on YouTube or on Radio Garden.
Say for instance if I’m playing the Russian deck on Clozemaster I would look up the traditional Russian music station on YouTube music to play simultaneously. It’s therapeutic it’s exhilarating at times like whenever I play the French deck and listen to house music from France. Being able to turn down the YouTube app would be nice while being able to turn up the Clozemaster would also be nice for better listening.