Splitting reviews per percentage

I was wondering how to adapt my clozemaster learning to also improve my writing listening skills. Right now, I’m mostly using Skill Vocabulary and Mode MultipleChoice, as I’m learning and seeing many sentences for the first time.
If now reviews could be splitted by percentage (e.g. 25% learned from all collections), I could build a strategy for myself like

  • 0% and 25% → Vocabulary and MultipleChoice
  • 50% → Vocabulary and TextInput
  • 75%-> Listening and MultipleChoice
  • 100% → Listening and TextInput

Splitted reviews would also help, if I want to review only old or only new words.

Fellow posters, what is your opinion? If there was the possibility to eg. Play ‘Review 25%’, would you use it?


I’ve also suggested this before. I’d especially appreciate it now we have 13,000 new Latin sentences, but no way to work on the reviews for those sentences preferentially to our fully-mastered reviews of the old sentences.


You can now choose the order of your reviews, discussed in Feature request: prioritizing reviews by %learned - #4 by mike - Clozemaster - Clozemaster. So while not quite like you described, hopefully an improvement.