Speech-to-Text: Where is it?

I am using English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Before the upgrade in May 2020, I could speak into my microphone and the cloze would be filled in for me without me having to type in the answer. When I read the whole sentence into the microphone, the sentence written out would flash back on my screen. It was a great way to check my pronunciation. It was a lot easier than typing. What has happened to this feature? Can I still access it? Overall, I am happy with the improvements made in the last upgrade but I really miss the speech-recognition feature.

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I found the feature I was looking for. When you start your game and choose your options, you can select “speaking” as the skill you wish to practice. For some reason, this option did not appear on my computer after the upgrade, but it now back. When using the speaking option, click on the red record button above the sentence to record your answer. If you pronounce the cloze correctly, your answer will be marked correct.