Spanish master sentences only give four points

I have manually leveled all the fast track sentences to master as Spanish is very close to my native language so I don’t feel I need all that repetition. But for some reason, they only give for points instead of 16. I’m guessing it is a bug?

Thanks for posting! Sounds like it is indeed working as expected. If you’ve manually mastered all of the sentences, then there are no more new sentences to play. If there are no sentences ready to review either, then sentences not yet ready to review are selected to be played (likely all the ones that were manually mastered). Sentences that are played before they’re actually ready to review score fewer points.

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I tried playing the sentences and they don’t go to the review queue. How long does it take until they are ready to review? I have been playing since a week ago, and nothing goes to review.
Also, in my progress window after each session, it shows there are 659 mastered sentences out a of a total of 655 mastered sentences. This must be a bug.
I thought once a word gives 16 points, it will always give 16 points, at least until I make a mistake.
I played all the sentences for Irish and they still score 16 points. The review queue is always empty.
So basically, I painstakingly (because I couldn’t do it all at once, since only 500 sentences at a time are displayed) mastered all those sentences for nothing?

I believe that by default, sentences that are mastered will not be up for review until after 180 days. The limit is configurable, though.

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