Sound goes faint at start of sentence playback after answering

I got a new Windows laptop today and have noticed a slight issue playing in Listening mode in Chrome (version Version 90.0.4430.212, which claims to be up-to-date).

The sound plays normally the first time, but when the playback repeats after answering, the sound is noticeably fainter at the start of the sentence and then the volume ramps up over the course of the sentence. It’s kind of annoying to listen to the volume change. It’s doing the same thing in Mandarin Chinese and French from English.

The sound plays normally in Firefox, so I could use it instead, but I’ve mostly been using Chrome for other things recently and would prefer to not have to open Firefox also.

Is this a glitch with the computer, or with Clozemaster?

Interesting; I just tried that on my work laptop (which uses Chrome as the primary browser; same version as yours, 64 bit), but I’m not hearing any difference in playback volume before and after, choosing Listening as the skill in French from English.

This is on Windows 10 64 bit, 10.0.18363. It’s a corporate machine, so it’s always a bit behind. I therefore checked it on my personal desktop as well (10.0.19042 64 bit, same version of Chrome) and again, I couldn’t reproduce it.

This doesn’t help you solve your problem… but at least we know that it isn’t a universal thing.

Have you tried it with an alternative audio output like headphones? (What I’m wondering is whether there is some kind of feedback into the mic that is toning down the speakers on the replay.)


Thank you for looking at it. I have headphones, but not where I am for the next few days, so I’ll try that later in the week.

The sound on my last computer would fluctuate up and down at the computer’s discretion in both browsers and I never managed to fix it (a fairly common HP laptop issue judging by the number of discussions I found about it online). This glitch is much more consistent in when it occurs. The sentence always plays at a consistent volume the first time and the volume only changes on the replay of the sentence after I’ve answered.

For now I’ll just go back to Firefox.