Some suggestions

These are some suggestions for features that I would find helpful as a user.

  1. add sentences containing this word, from just-reviewed sentence
    Probably the thing I would most like is, when I have reviewed a sentence, I would like to be able to click a word and ‘add 5 sentences containing this word to x collection’. I often find myself copying words that I want to increase my exposure to, first to an external list that I will import into clozemaster later. I know that there is already an ‘add this sentence to x collection’, but for me the add sentences containing word would be far more helpful.

2) I would like to be able to see the frequency ranking of a word to see if it is appropriate to add to my collections. For instance if I see a word that is unfamiliar to me and see that it is in the top 5000 I would very likely want to see more of it (and add it to my collections), but if it was at 10000+ I’d skip it for now.

3)vocab size, I’d like to be able to see how many unique words are at different stages of my learning them, rather than the amount of unique clozes which is what is available now. Some words I have 5 clozes for and some only 1, I’d like to be able to see roughly what my general vocab count is according to my use of this app.

4) I’d like to be able to choose a selection of collections to review, for instance if I want to only review the grammar collections or only review the not gammar selections. I would find this helpful because if you end up with a lot of reviews pending, then it can be a bit not worth it to tackle the entire thing, but more than just one or two that you would like to do.

minor tweaks that would slightly improve userability:
5) reverse order ‘round history’. Currently I have to scroll to the bottom to see the most recently viewed sentence. Considering that this might almost always be the sentence that people are looking for, it would make sense to have it (and the other most recents) at the top.

6)when I realise that an o should have been an ö for instance, I select that letter and try to replace by pressing alt+o. However these special features don’t replace the letter, they add on, so if I press enter immediately, which I do often because I’m assuming that it replaces the letter as that is the norm, I will be entering an incorrect answer, which is a tiny bit frustrating.

Thanks for reading, I hope that some of these make sense for you to implement.


Are you using the mobile app? In the web interface it is possible to do more or less what you’re asking for.

Me too, but I would like to see the ranking of the base form, not of the conjugated or inflected form.

That choice is already available in the web interface, if I understand your request correctly.

Hear hear!


So I see the ability to add the sentence that contains the word I clicked on, but not the ability to add other sentences containing that word. Am I not seeing something?

Yeah totally! I didn’t even suggest this because I assumed that would be too complicated.

So what I see in the web interface is close to what I’m describing, but only allows you to choose one collection at a time. If I want to ignore only one collection, or choose multiple collections, this isn’t possible. I totally get that this might not be a super sought-after feature. I’ve just often found myself wanting to review only my own personal collections and then if I have time I do the rest, including Fluency Fast Track and grammar etc.

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You can search on an individual word and pick the clozes you find interesting from the list.

After you have finished reviewing one collection you can optionally choose the next.

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