So, what ever happened to giving the gift of Clozemaster?

I have a friend who is studying languages as well. I would like to entice him AWAY from… a certain other site that shall not be named here, to one that doesn’t keep sucking students back to All Translation All The Time.

On the home page I see the option to send a personal invite, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about shelling out cold hard gift card cash as a birthday present to get him to entice him use a site that is actually GOOD for language learning, at least beyond the A1 level. I’m figuring that after his eyes have been opened, he’ll see the value.

Now apparently there USED to be such a thing since a web search yielded this:

However that link just takes me through to my home page. I can’t find anything about it by looking around. So one for @mike; was this accidentally removed? Intentionally removed? Will it make a comeback?


Ciao @LuciusVorenusX e come va? I can’t help you with your query but I can support you in encouraging your friend away from “the other place” :wink: I moved away many months ago (banished from the forum!) and as the forum (chat!) is now grinding to a halt, I’m even happier to be here. I run a friendly Italian Forum if you’re interested, just let me know. No pressure:-)

Hope you find out about the Gift! A dopo…


Good catch! That redirect was put in place for now because we have to fix how the payments are handled. We should have it back up within the next few weeks. Sorry for the delay!