Si no fumas mucho, mejor. Si no fumas, mucho mejor.

English Translation

If you don’t smoke much, good. If you don’t smoke, even better.

I love how people have taken this pair of sentences on Tatoeba and have created translations that just reuse the same words in a different order -

English: “If you don’t smoke much, it will be better. If you don’t smoke, it will be much better.
French: “Si tu ne fumes pas beaucoup, ce sera mieux. Si tu ne fumes pas, ce sera beaucoup mieux.
Turkish: “Çok sigara içmezsen daha iyi olacak. Sigara içmezsen çok daha iyi olacak.

However, only the original Spanish sentences have the simplicity of not reordering the words at all, and just relying on the subtle movement of a comma :smile:

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Interestingly, if it had used the word bien instead of mejor, the effect wouldn’t be the same: “Si no fumas mucho, bien. Si no fumas, muy bien.”

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The trick works also in Italian:

Se non fumi molto, meglio. Se non fumi, molto meglio".

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Oh yes, you’re absolutely right.

I should have clarified that when I said that “only the original Spanish sentences have the simplicity of not reordering the words” I was referring to just those languages that offer translations on Tatoeba.

Sadly, there isn’t an Italian version on Tatoeba, despite your demonstration that it has an equally simple and elegant form :grin:


Now there is! :wink:

I had to add Spanish as one of my languages, though I have not spent a lot of time studying it, really.

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Oh, that’s excellent!

… and I see that @morbrorper added a Swedish version yesterday as well. Fantastic!

What a pair of heroes! :+1: :grin: :+1:

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