Show Stats in App + in app Daily Stats Calendar

Currently, the “More stats” section is only available when you log into the website.

I like to check this section, since it shows me the pie chart, I can plan out when I want to review cards vs. learing new cards.

I also like to check Daily Stats to compare how far I’ve come per day. I was thinking it would be great if we could look at this in the app in the format of a calendar.

If this feature really makes the program heavier, perhaps you could make an option for turning it off; a 'lite model so to speak; that stops calculating stats within the app.

I just find it slightly cumbersome to keep going into my browser and refreshing the page to see my Stats. It would be cool to see them all within the app.

That being said I love Clozemaster it’s my number one app for language learning, and I have tried dozens of apps. I use it every day. It’s far superior to Anki and Memrise; and I’ve used those two apps for hundreds of hours. Thank you for making this app, it has taught me so much more Italian than I already knew, much faster than I would have normally learned it.

love Vito from Canada


Ciao Vito - welcome, and I totally agree with you about Clozemaster. Definitely my favourite.

Happy learning!


Thanks for the feedback! It might take us some time, but a daily stats calendar in the mobile app of some sort should be doable :+1: