Shortcuts - space (now enter) is missing

I just wonder if it would be possible to add/change shortcuts?

E.g. As far as i remember, you could send your answer/ go to next sentence by using space, now only enter works.
I am using often the multiple choice mode, here i was able to play with one hand, with my fingers on keys 1-4 and thumb on space to continue. This is now not possible anymore.
Furthermore, to translate, the key ‘t’ would be great (not alt-t), but of course only on multiple choice.

Since I am already here, wouldn’t it be possible do change the number of possible answers to sth. else than 4? (in multiple choice)



Thanks for the feedback!

  • Space should now work to go to the next sentence.
  • Not sure about ‘t’ for translate just yet - does alt-t conflict with a system shortcut?
  • More multiple choice options should doable, though at the moment we’re working on figuring out if we can / how to make the multiple options better (more similar to the missing word for example, or more similar in meaning).

Anything else just let us know. Thanks again!