Setting change for number of reviews not being saved

Whenever I try to change the number of review sentences when doing new sentences to zero, it doesn’t save. It always just reverts back 5 for every course.

Sorry if this is already reported–I couldn’t find an already existing topic on this here.

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Thanks for letting us know! Are you seeing this issue on the web, mobile app, or both?

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These settings used to be saved per language, per level. If I wanted to play 500 most common for Indonesian at 40, multiple choice and 100 most common at infinite, text input I’d always have it saved for me. Now when I do it for one collection within a language it actually affects the next language I decide to play. Both on Android and on Windows 10, Chrome.


I’ve been thinking the same as @Expugnator. I thought that in the previous version, the system remembered that I want text input for French and Latin, and multiple choice for my other language. Now it carries forward my settings for the last language I played to the next one.

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@Ceid @Expugnator @kadrian Both issues should now be fixed - thanks for letting us know! And please let us know of course if you’re still seeing either.