Separate scores for Listening and Vocabulary (Request)

I notice that when I alternate between the Listening and Vocabulary skills, the same sentence score is used and updated. I would like to be able to test each skill independently from one another, since the skills are so different. Therefore I think it would be great if there were separate sentence scores for each skill.

The lack of separation of scores has actually kept me back from using the Listening skill, as I am afraid it will pollute my Vocabulary scores.


I strongly agree with this. I like to use the listening skill early on, when I don’t know the language as well and I’m still working on the phonetics and spelling. But I don’t really know the words well enough to recall them in an open-ended fashion as easily.

Then as I get better I want to be tested at a “harder” level by having to type the word in without hearing it.

Having the two scores mixed together kind of throws a wrench in my use of the site and my balancing of these and makes me do a lot of work. What I’ve been doing so far is avoiding listening entirely in most languages, only using it in ones that I feel I’m not advanced enough to practice the vocabulary skill in, and then when I’m ready I go through and reset stuff and try to do vocabulary.