Sentence Quality Verification

Dear Mike,

I regularly use the reporting facility on CM (Clozemaster) that appears with with every sentence, to report any original sentences or translations that not not appear to be correct to me.

My understanding is that any reported sentences are checked by a native speaker and he will make any changes that he deems necessary. Using this process is a great idea and can help improve the quality of the material on Clozemaster for everyone.

One addition that would be useful for the site would be a tagging facility, whereby any reported sentences that had been already checked and verified by the moderator could be marked by the moderator as such e.g. ‘Verified by Clozemaster’ or just a simple green ‘V’ sign, against both the original sentence and the translation. That way, users could have confidence in the quality of a sentence they weren’t perhaps sure about.

Best Wishes, Alex


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your message and for letting us know you’re interested in something like that. We’re working on a bunch of cool features at the moment, but I’ve opened a ticket with the dev team so we can add it to our to-do list.

If you have any other feature requests or there’s anything else we might do to improve Clozemaster, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you again for your contribution with the sentences and happy playing!

Georgiana @Clozemaster

Hi Guys, I just wondered if there’d been any progress with this suggestion? Although CM is a great app, the quality of the sentences is probably one of the biggest issues, as they come from an open source. I’ve reported possibly hundreds of sentences for review. Sometimes, I may have reported them incorrectly. Of course I don’t expect individual feedback on the sentences I’ve reported, but it would be great if the app did have the verification tagging facility I suggested, to confirm that a sentence and translation had already been checked by the moderator. This could save time all round, for both users and the moderator, in avoiding unnecessary re-reporting and re-checking of sentences that had already been verified. Thanks