Sentence different to source on Tatoeba

I found a sentence that was incorrect in French and I went to report it and it said it goes by the source on Tatoeba and that I could update it there, but the sentence is correct on Tatoeba. Not sure how it’s used that as a source which is correct but incorrect here? I reported it anyway.

Not sure how to exactly link to that specific sentence but the sentence was “Tu me ramène, s’il te plait ?” and you can see it’s correct here on Tatoeba Tu me ramènes, s'il te plaît ? - French example sentence - Tatoeba as “Tu me ramènes, s’il te plait ?”.

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If you look in the lower right-hand corner of the sentence page on Tatoeba, you’ll see “Logs”. There, you can see that the incorrect sentence was added on April 3, 2015, but that it was fixed on February 16, 2017. Apparently, the French sentences were imported into Clozemaster at some point between those dates. Corrections made at Tatoeba are not automatically imported into Clozemaster, or vice versa. For that reason, when I see an incorrect Tatoeba sentence, I report it there, and when I see an incorrect Clozemaster sentence, I report it here, and when both are incorrect, I report it at both places.


Ok I see, so it’s not automatically updated even after many years. Ok hopefully it will be fixed now that I’ve reported it.